Pawel Dobrzycki - born in Cracow 1954. Stage designer, pedagogue, painter, architect, director, light designer.

1980 graduated from Architecture Department of the University of Technology, 1981 graduated from Department of Stage Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow (diploma with distinction). Over 250 works with best polish directors in best polish theatres and abroad.

1984 - 2001 Professor in the Department of Stage Design of Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow.
1985 - 1992 Visiting Professor in Drama Directors Department of the State High Theatre School in Cracow.
1996 - 1997 cosultations with diploma students of Theatre Design in St. Martin College of Art in London.
From 2001 Head of Department of Theatre, Film and TV Design in Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.
From 2004 Visiting Professor in Drama Directing Faculty of Theatre Academy in Warsaw.
2009 - 2011 Subdean of new Faculty of an Art of Electronic Media and Theatre Design and Professor of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (Ph. D. - Dr hab.), promoter of many diploma designs.

Full time stage designer in many theatres. 1990 - 1992 deputy manager of Slowacki's Theatre in Cracow, 1990 - 1993 the member of Theatre Council in Ministry of Culture and Art in Poland. Juryman of many theatre festivals in Poland.

Many architectural designs (reconstruction, function, equipment etc.) for theatres. Designer of many exhibitions, designer of the Polish National Exhibition on Prague Quadriennale of Theatre Design PQ-95.

Many individual exhibitions of paintings, drawings and stage designs in Poland and abroad (Neurnberg, Moscow, Paris), many collective exhibitions of paintings and drawings.

Design for Antigone by Sophocles (dir. Yorgos Kimoulis, Epidaurus 2001, Grece) qualified and exposed on Toronto Word Theatre Design 2005 (only one from Poland). Many awards on theatre festivals in Poland - last one for design of Trainspotting for Slaski Theatre Katowice 2005.

Most important theatre works: (1985 - 1995)
For Powszechny Theatre in Warsaw (the most frequent collaboration):

"From a Distance" by Jandl;
"Mephisto" after Mann's novel;
"Volpone" by Ben Jonson;
"Gyubal Wahazar" by Witkiewicz;
"Mary Stuart" by Hildeschaimer;
"This Letter Was Written to Me by Fernando Krapp" by Tankred Dorst (Pavel's direction).

For Nowy Theatre in Poznań:

"Mother" by Witkiewicz;
"The Dawn" by Schaeffer;
"Virginity" after Gombrowicz;
"Tartuffe", "Ghetto" by Sobol;
"Red Noses" by Barnes;
"Noman's Land" by Pinter.

Work at Stary Theatre in Cracow includes "Imperator's people" by Huebner and "The Notes from the Underground" by Dostoyewsky.
For Slovacki's Theatre in Cracow: "The Tempest" and The Tempest II by Shakespeare, "Wild Duck" by Ibsen, "The Goverment Inspector" by Gogol (which Pavel also directed), "The Goldberg Variations"by Tabori.

For another theatres:

"Largo Desolato" by Havel;
"Operetta" and "Marriage" by Gombrowicz;
"Mizantrope" by Moliere;
"Time and Room" by Botho Strauss;
"Dr Guillotin" after Buechner"s "Danton".

For TV theatre:

"Trio" by Szumańska;
"Midas the King" (Pawel's scenario);
"Candide" by Shaw, and others.

The works for opera and music theatre includes (1994 - 1997):

"Faust" by Gounod for Cracow Opera (tour in Holland and Germany);
"Le Nozze di Figaro" by Mozart and "Nabucco" by Verdi for Great Opera Theatre in Poznań (showed on festivals in Luxemburg and Duesseldorf);
"Turandot" by Puccini for Bydgoszcz Opera Nova;
"Evita" by Webber in Rozrywki Theatre Chorzów.

The abroad works included:

For Wallgraben Theatre in Freiburg, Germany:
"Totentanz" by Strindberg,
"From Worm's Life" by Enquist,
"Diary of the Madman" by Gogol
"Glass Menagerie" by Williams.

For Ermolova Theatre in Moscow:
"Farewell Judas" by Iredynski.

For Omsk Drama Theatre on the Siberia:
"Tartuffe" by Moliere (in Pawel's direction).

For Espace Acteur Theatre in Paris:
"Ivonne, princess of Burgund" by Gombrowicz.

For Clwyd Theater Mold, Wales:
"The Devils" by Whiting (an award for the best preformance of the year).

For Haifa Municipal Theatre, Israel:
"Sweet Bird of Youth" by Williams (last two preformances were directed by Helena Kaut - Howson).

Most important productions: (1996 - 2011)

"King Lear" by Shakespeare, dir. Helena Kaut-Howson, Haymarket Theatre, Leicester, Young Vic London, (II version), England, Panasonic Globe Theatre Tokyo, Japan ( III version) - all preformances directed by Helena Kaut-Howson;
"Hamlet" by Shakespeare, dir. Andrew Visnewsky, Contemporary Theatre of Athens, Greece.


"Aida" by Verdi, dir. M. Grzesinski, Martini Hall Groningen, Holland;
"The Devils from Loudon" by Penderecki, dir. M. Grzesinski, Great Theatre Opera PoznaD,
"The Marriage" by Gombrowicz, dir. M. KochaDczyk, Osterwy Theatre Lublin;
"The Invention of Love" by Tom Stoppard dir. K.Babicki, Wybrzeze Theatre Gdańsk;
"I Capuleti e i Montecchi" by Bellini, dir. W. Adamczyk, Cracow Opera, conducted by Richard Bonynge.


"Kordian" by Slowacki, dir. M. KochaDczyk, Osterwy Theatre Lublin;
"Arcadia" by Tom Stoppard, dir. K. Babicki, Osterwy Theatre Lublin;
"Carmen" by Bizet, dir Bodo Igesz (from New York), Opera Nova Bydgoszcz;
"Skiz" by Zapolska, dir. P. Cholodzinski, Polski Theatre, Warsaw;
"Tosca" by Puccini, dir. M. GrzesiDski, Arena Xanten near Duesseldorf, Germany;
"Schneewittchen" by Robert Walser, dir. Ruedi Straub, Zurich Summer Festival, Zurich, Switzerland,
"Nabucco" by Verdi, dir. M. Grzesinski, Wroclaw Opera;
"Biedermann und die Brandstifter" by Max Frisch, dir. K. Babicki, Wybrzeze Theatre, GdaDsk.


"Twelfth Night or What You Will" by Shakespeare, dir. Andrew Visnewski (London), Na Woli Theatre Warsaw;
"Tango" by Mro|ek, dir. K. Babicki, Nowy Theatre PoznaD;
"An Art" by Yashmina Reza, dir. E. Wojtaszek, Nowy Theatre PoznaD;
Yvonne, Princess of Burgund by Gombrowicz, dir. Grazyna Dylag, Deutchen Nationaltheater Weimar, Germany;
"Devil's Seed" by Ivo Bresan, dir. K. Babicki, Osterwy Theatre Lublin.


"Ladies and Hussars" by Fredro, dir. E. Wojtaszek, Osterwy Theatre Lublin;
Ostrów Bath by P. Huelle, dir. K. Babicki, Osterwy Theatre Lublin;
Madame Therese after Cedras, dir. M. Ratynski, Rozrywki Theatre Chorzow;
I Play My Heart after Wyspianski, jubilee of 100 years of opening of Wedding by Wyspianski, dir. K. Orzechowski, Slowacki Theatre Cracow;
Anthygony by Sophocles, dir. Yorgos Kimoulis, Contemporary Theatre Athens, opening in Epidauros, later tour around Greece, played in acient theatres;
"Don Juan" by Moliere, dir. M. Sobocinski, Horzycy Theatre ToruD.


"Dziady" by Mickiewicz, dir. K. Babicki, Osterwy Theatre Lublin;
"General Inspector" by Gogol, dir. E. Wojtaszek, Osterwy Theatre Lublin;
Nabucco by Verdi, dir. M. Grzesinski, Folk Hall, Wroclaw Opera;
"General Inspector" by Gogol, dir. M. Sobocinski, Bagatela Theatre Cracow;
"Judgemen" by WyspiaDski, dir. K. Babicki, Nowy Theatre PoznaD;
"Boogie-Woogie Sisters", dir, M. Ratynski, Music Rozrywki Theatre Chorzow.


"Chicago", dir. M. Korwin, Music Theatre Gdynia;
Aida" by Verdi, dir. M. Grzesinski, Wroclaw Opera, Folk Hall, Wroclaw;
"The Last Owner" by LubieDski, dir T. Bradecki, National Theatre, Warsaw;
"Operetta" by Gombrowicz, dir. K. Babicki, Osterwy Theatre, Lublin;
"The Boulevar of Crime" by Schmitt, dir. W. Adamczyk, Ateneum Theatre, Warsaw.


"Trainspotting" after Irving Welsh, dir. M. Ratynski, Slaski Theatre, Katowice;
"The Manor House" by Moniuszko, dir. M. Grabowski, National Opera, Warsaw;
"Don Juan" by Moliere, dir. E. Wojtaszek, Osterwy Theatre, Lublin;
"The Crimson Island" by Bulhakov, dir. K. Babicki, Osterwy Theatre, Lublin;
"Seven against Thebs" by Aischylos, dir. Yorgos Kimoulis, Contemporary Theatre Athens (opening in National Ancient Theatre Thessaloniki, later tour around Greece, played in acient theatres);
"Miss Julie" by Strindberg, dir. Yorgos Kimoulis, Porta Theatre, Athens;
"Rigoletto" by Verdi, dir. Marek Grzesinski, National Opera Warsaw, Pafos Festival, Ciprus;
"Cindirella" by Glowacki, dir. Will Pomerantz, National Theatre, Warsaw.


"Love on Crym" by St. Mrozek, dir. K. Babicki, Osterwy Theatre, Lublin;
"Borkman" by Ibsen, dir. Z. Zapasiewicz, Powszechny Theatre, Warsaw;
"Barbier of Sevilla" by Beaumarchais/Rossini, dir. G. Holoubek, Ateneum Theatre, Warsaw;
"Republic of Liers" by Wojtyszko, dir. M. Wojtyszko, Slowacki Theatre, Cracow;
"Oedipus King" by Sophocles, dir. Yorgos Kimoulis, Contemporary Theatre, Athens (opening in Epidauros, later tour around Greece, played in acient theatres); "Under the Ice" by Irving, dir. M. Ratynski, Slaski Theatre, Katowice;


"Aida" by Verdi, III version, dir. M. Grzesinski, Wielki Theatre, Łódź;
"Faust" by Gounod, dir. M. Grzesinski, Cracow Opera, Cracow;
"Rent"dir. Ingmar Villqist, Rozrywki Theatre, Chorzow;
"Fledermaus" by Strauss, dir. Helena Kaut-Howson, Wroclaw Opera;
"Lady Macbeth" by Schostakovitch, dir. H. Baranowski, Novosibirsk Theatre of Opera and Ballet;


"Carmen" by Bizet, dir. A. Frontczak, Wroclaw Opera;
"Fredro for adults" after Fredro, dir.E. Korin, Teatr Komedia, Warsaw;
"Composition" in the Sun by I. Vilqist, dir. I Vilqist, Teatr Miejski Gdynia;
"He's stupid all his life" by M. Wojtyszko, dir. M. Wojtyszko, Slowacki's Theatre, Cracow;
"Boris Godunov" by Mussorgsky, dir. Yuri Alexandov, Opera Wroclawska (large scale production in Folk Hall in Wroclaw);
"The Crucible"by Arhtur Miller, dir. I. Cywinska, Teatr Powszechny, Warsaw;


"Polterabend" by St. Mutz, dir. T. Bradecki, Teatr Slaski, Katowice;
"Jeckyll & Hyde" by Frank Wildhorn, dir. M. Znaniecki, Rozrywki Theatre, Chorzow;
"Phantom in the Opera" by Webber, dir. W. Kepczynski, Teatr Roma Warsaw;
"Leaving" by V. Havel, dir. I. Cywinska, Ateneum Theatre, Warsaw;
"Spring awaking" by Wedekind, dir. Helena Kaut-Howson, Powszechny Theatre, Warsaw.


 "Birthday party" by Pinter dir. Barbara Sass, Miejski Theate Gdynia;
"Hipnosis"by Cwojdziński, dir W. Malajkat, Bajka Theatre, Warsaw;
"Don Quichote" after Cervantes, dir. Y. Kimoulis, Hellen Festival, Kozani Theatre (opening in Atticus Herodos Odeon Theatre on Akropolis, Athens, and tour);
"Aida" by Verdi, dir. A. Frontczak, Regensburg Festival, Germany;
"Land of Liars" by M. Wojtyszko, dir. M. Wojtyszko, Polski Theatre, Warsaw;


"Ship of Fools" after Brant, scenario and dir. P. Tomaszuk, Wroclaw Puppet Theatre;
"Beauty Hellen" after Offenbach, dir. M. Wojtyszko, Silesian Opera, Chorzow;
"August" by Tracy Letts, dir. Andrew Bubien, Omsk Drama Theatre, Russia


"Nabucco" by Verdi, dir. Anette Leistenschneider, Zoeten Theatre, Haga, Holland (tour in Holland and Belgium);
"Pastoralka" by Schiller, dir. R. Skolmowski, Puppet Theatre, Wroclaw;
"Shrek", polish version of Broadway musical, dir. M. Korwin, Music Theatre, Gdynia.

The light design is always made with stage design together in Pawel's works.

The opera productions: "Nabucco", "Aida", "Le Nozze di Figaro", "Turandot", "Faust", "I Capuleti e i Montecchi" were showed in Dusseldorf, Xanten, Heidelberg, Luxemburg and in Holland and Belgium (summer festivals and tours) as well.

Copyright by Paweł Dobrzycki